Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property (IP) protection can save a company and generate massive profits, and a lack of it can mean certain doom. In terms of recovery, proper IP protection is often the difference between money damages, an injunction, or even nothing at all. I can register your IP with the USPTO, write license agreements, perform research and analysis, and even litigate copyright and trademark infringement disputes, if necessary. Learn More.

Technology Regulation and Compliance

Many organizations are subject to numerous laws and regulations, especially when it comes to the Internet. Healthcare organizations, financial institutions, and all e-commerce websites must comply with numerous rules and regulations with regard to their websites alone. Website owners could potentially face claims of intellectual property infringement, violation of statute, negligence, breach of contract, defamation of character, invasion of privacy, and more. I can help you become compliant, minimize your risk, and protect your assets in case of such an event. Learn More.

Business Formation and Transactions

Successful companies require smart planning. Decisions made at formation generally dictate future practices. Whether you are starting a new business or dissolving an old one, my services can help minimize your risk and protect your assets. I have experience consulting entrepreneurs, directors, and corporate officers on fundamental business decisions, partnership/dissolution agreements, articles of organization/incorporation, employment agreements, indemnity agreements, and more. Learn More.