Every transaction is important

A business is like a marriage, in that success depends on a positive relationship with your partner. Communication, understanding, and fairness are all keystones of a healthy relationship. Every business transaction should be approached thoughtfully and delicately, because your business depends on it.

Also like a marriage, smart planning at the outset can go a long way. it can help keep a lid on finances, makes tax time easier, and facilitates communication. Further, smart planning can prevent a nasty and unnecessary divorce down the road.

Whether you are starting a new business or dissolving an old one, my services can help minimize your risk and protect your assets. I have experience consulting entrepreneurs, directors, and corporate officers on fundamental business decisions, partnership agreements, articles of organization/incorporation, employment agreements, indemnity agreements, and more.

My business transactions services include:
– Partnership Agreements
– Articles of Organization
– Operational Agreements
– Employment Agreements
– Retainer Agreements
– Pitch Materials
– Requests for Proposals
– License Agreements
– Press Releases
– Risk Management Counseling

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